2017 SHARP Program

NEHDA is proud to assist Home HeadQuarters with administering the SHARP program, which helps low-income homeowners with minor exterior repairs/ minor exterior code violations. The funding for each project cannot exceed $1,000 (unless there are emergency circumstances, in which case $2,000 is the absolute limit). Homeowners must provide $100 of their own funds at the time of closing to participate. 

Examples of prior minor projects: front steps repairs (permit required), window replacement (from the outside), porch repair (permit required), sidewalk replacement, etc…

The SHARP program can help, if you:

·        Own your home and reside in it.

·        Are current on property taxes and water bills.

·        Have current homeowner’s insurance.

·        Fall into the income guidelines below:

Family Size / Household Income Less Than: 

1 / $38,750  |  2 / $44,300  |  3 / $49,850  |  4 / $55,350

5 / $59,800  |  6 / $64, 250  |  7 / $68,650  |  8 / $73,100

All interior work is not eligible except for electrical (licensed electrician required), heating (licensed HVAC required), hot water heaters (permit required) and furnace/preventive maintenance. 

How to Apply:

To participate in this program, you must print and complete this application. All applications must be printed in color and have an original signature. Once complete, applications must be delivered to the NEHDA office at 101 Gertrude Street, Syracuse, NY, 13203.

The following documentation is also required to participate:

  • Completed Federal Income tax return from 2016 (if filed) all pages and schedules;
  • If you don’t file taxes you will need to sign a sworn statement, as noted on the application;
  • Photo I.D. (i.e. drivers license);
  • Copy of your Homeowners Insurance (declarations page) indicating the current policy period;
  • Proof of Income for all members of the household;
    • Three (3) most recent consecutive pay-stubs, 2017 benefit letter for SSI, Social Security, pension, unemployment, disability, proof of child support, etc.
    • If a household member does not have income (this includes employment and/or benefits) provide a signed and dated statement from that household member, attesting that they do not have any income.
    • If a household member is a full time student over the age of 18, provide a current semester course schedule showing name and number of credits being taken.

We can make copies of all documents at our office: 101 Gertrude Street, Syracuse, NY, 13203.

This program is on a first come, first served basis. The earlier you return all the completed paperwork, the better chances you have at obtaining these very limited funds. PLEASE return your completed application and all documentation to NEHDA. You can send your completed application by email to sarah@nehda.org; or mail to/ drop off at offices located at 101 Gertrude Street. Once all the required documentation is received, your application can be processed.

Please feel free to contact Sarah at 315-425-1032 or sarah@nehda.org with any questions or concerns.  


NEHDA Office:

101 Gertrude Street
Syracuse, NY, 13203


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Call us at 315-425-1032.