Together We're Better

Together We’re Better is a collaboration between the Northeast Hawley Development Association (NEHDA) and the Syracuse Northeast Community Center (SNCC). The program addresses “social exclusion” by linking neighborhood residents living in poverty with businesses and community groups on the Northside. Together We’re Better will provide coaching and training for neighbors in business and volunteer-related soft and hard skills such as telephone etiquette and computer software which they will use working for neighborhood businesses who need help.

Together We’re Better meets the needs of important segments of each agency’s constituents. NEHDA’s service area includes many small, start-up, or immigrant owned businesses and community groups. These vulnerable organizations suffer from the common problem of lacking the resources to hire the help they need or lacking the community connections to find volunteer or inexpensive assistance. SNCC’s service area includes many residents who live in poverty. Before people can consider job training or completing their education to improve their financial position, they need the opportunity belong to a community and find and express their self worth. The collaboration of Together We’re Better brings partner organizations needing human capital together with people needing to engage with their community in an empowering and nurturing system.

Program Resources

Together We're Better builds on the success of NEHDA and SNCC's shared community engagement staff position; the program collaboration looks to address a community trend, rather than purely to answer an organizational capacity need. The resources below outline the process that led to the development of the new program, along with materials that can support the replication of a shared community engagement staff position.

Together We're Better:
Program Outline

Together We're Better is a collaborative initiative between SNCC and NEHDA. The program will address social exclusion by linking neighborhood residents living in poverty with businesses and community groups on the Northside through skills classes, relationship-building, and engagement opportunities.

Download this program outline to learn more about the program, the problem facing our neighborhood, how Together We're Better is different from other programs, and how success will be measured. 

A Manual for Sharing a Community Engagement Coordinator

This manual describes how NEHDA and SNCC share a Community Engagement Coordinator (CEC) staff position. The linchpin of the partnership is that the two organizations have overlapping service areas and complementary missions. The CEC supports the combined activities of both organizations, as well as supports the unique activities of each organization. NEHDA and SNCC’s goals for sharing their community engagement activities are to: capitalize on each organization’s strengths, tackle each organization’s community engagement challenges, and share personnel expense.

Download the full report to learn more.