Mike LaFlair, Executive Director
425-1032 ext. 117

My favorite part about working at NEHDA is the people. I am fortunate to be surrounded by passionate people who are very positive about who they are, what they do, and the community. It is so great to be surrounded by colleagues, residents and stakeholders that not only make me a better individual but they inspire me to do better.

Sarah Cowles, Program Director
425-1032 ext. 104

My favorite part of working here at NEHDA is that each day I get a chance to meet new people, have engaging discussions, and generally getting to know them and how we can be of assistance. NEHDA is technically considered my place of employment but I’ve met so many wonderful friends here that it is truly my neighborhood.

Rachel Nolte, AmeriCorps VISTA

My favorite part about working for NEHDA is the dedication and support of the people, both in the office and outside in the community. Everyone has been welcoming and enthusiastic about my new presence here. NEHDA has an atmosphere where I can dream big and then, more importantly, get the necessary backing to make these dreams a reality.

Anna Rupert, CPI AmeriCoprs VISTA

My favorite part about working for NEHDA is meeting so many people who are passionate about their community and their neighborhood. Getting to exchange ideas with so many creative people who are passionate about the same things is amazing, and coming from this neighborhood its nice to be able to give back to my community.


Board of Directors- Officers

President Jonathan Link Logan
Vice President Marietta Mancini
Secretary Daniel Cowen
Treasurer Phillip Olenych

Board of Directors- Members

Jeff Anthony

Susannah Bartlett

Christopher Bianchi

Ronald Egerbrecht

Anne Byrne Gorton

Kay Kurtyka

Glen Lewis

Carl Oropallo

Joe Russo

Liz Wierbinski

Ronald Wood